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Welcome to Our New Blog

Since you’re here you may have noticed that we’ve rebranded and launched the new We’re still the same Barbour Spangle Design that you know and love, just with a new look and redesigned “home.”

The branding that you’ve come to know us for was created back in 2010. Since then, we have grown as a company, quite literally. We have expanded from just 8 employees to 20. We have also moved into a new larger headquarters and have 4 different design channels: Residential, Commercial, Showroom and introducing the newly formed Mixed Use channel -- more on that later.

Today, we want to share a bit of the behind the scenes and the process and dive into why we felt now was the perfect time to reimagine the BSD brand.

Barbour Spangle Design represents inspiration, versatility and a tailored experience to crafting meaningful spaces for residential, commercial, showroom, and mixed use clients. We realized that it was time to create a brand that reflects our multifaceted collective. However, with this shift in our aesthetic, our values and culture haven’t changed and were central in our new brand’s creation.

Let’s talk about the creative details… We’ve spent more than twenty years creating and refining a design experience that cultivates meaning, prioritizes understanding, and centers our clients’ needs. The end result is not a recognizable aesthetic, but rather an authentic reflection of our clients’ deeply personal vision.

New brand launch color palette and inspiration

With that in mind, we intentionally crafted our new brand and every element to endorse this. Whether we’re designing the colorful and innovative spaces at High Point University, a family’s forever home, the next concept for The Point at High Point Market, or a coastal multi-family development - we wanted our brand to compliment the concepts that reflect our clients’ vision and aesthetic. We achieved this with a neutral color palette and timeless brand elements to honor the versatile designs and tailored experience you will find when working with us.

The circle icon that we have come to be known by isn’t going anywhere! This logo was originally designed to mimic the top of a diamond - with all its facets. Like our multifaceted business. And a round table to represent our collaborative atmosphere. Instead of eliminating our signature icon, a reimagined version was created that has evolved with our new branding.

Our new tagline is Elevated Living. And you may be thinking - you just finished saying you are multifaceted? Why only living? Well - we feel all our spaces are created for Living and making life better. From the living at home to the living in an office or the creating of living environments in a showroom. Where you are, you are living and we want to design spaces that elevate living, working, selling, and creating. For us, design isn’t just about paint colors, floor plans, and fabric swatches but rather making the world a more beautiful place and life more enjoyable.

Lobby with Wood detail and curved desk feature
The Lobby of our new office at Congdon Yards

In early 2021, we moved into a new home at Congdon Yards which prompted the “renovation” of We can’t wait for you to explore and learn more about who we are and how we can work together. Not sure where to start? We have a few recommendations:


Earlier, we mentioned our growth. Stop by our About page to meet our team and see the familiar and new faces of Barbour Spangle Design.


See all our full portfolio of recent projects, or sort by project type. There you can view the space, read about the project and, if this is your first introduction to BSD, see more examples of the spaces we are privileged to create.

For years we’ve been designing Mixed Use spaces but in 2022 we formed a devoted design team and allocated resources for an enhanced design experience for our multi-family, short-term rental, and senior living clients.


What's New to

The Blog. This was previously the home of High Point Discovered, which now has their own website and magazine. We wanted a place to tell the story of BSD and our clients. Here we will be offering insight into our design process, before and after photos of projects, and design tips from some of our designers! Leave us a comment and tell us what other blogs you’d like to read.

The Shop. Here’s where we will be showcasing some of our favorite items we have used in projects as well as our personal lives. You’ll be able to purchase them for yourselves here and take a little piece of BSD to your space.

A unique home for Commercial and Residential clients. We wanted your visit to to be just as tailored as your experience working with our team. From the moment you arrive at –your experience is catered to you based on your project type. Interested in both? Don’t worry – once you enter the site by either Residential or Commercial, you can easily find the other home from the main menu.

We are so excited to begin this new chapter and have everyone see the hard work that has been poured into BSD’s “renovation.” Thank you for sticking with us and being a loyal audience. We are looking forward to a bright future and would love to work together on your next project.

A big thank you to the team at IDCO Studio for making our dream a reality.


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