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Our Studio Series Part V | Lounge & Kitchen

At the very back or our office sits a very special place where most of our team bonding occurs. As you step out of the library and pods you’ll find yourself in the BSD Kitchen and Lounge. We partnered with The Kitchen studio for our cabinetry which is a combination of walnut, black, and gloss white cabinets. The countertop is made up of a very strong quartz.

In the middle of all our amenities sits two large Nuevo  tables from, with 12 complimenting chairs from Four Hands. You can find a number of our team back here enjoying lunch and lively conversation daily. This is also a place for internal presentations as a large TV monitor sits displayed in the room. Layered light fixtures hang overhead from Arteriors that adds a little something extra to the mostly standard kitchen space. This area is very much a safe haven for us at BSD and we take comfort in knowing this is the spot in our office where we can always gather and enjoy one another's company.

Right next to our kitchen is the area that we commonly refer to as The Lounge.  This area has resilient flooring in a scalloped flooring detail by Bolon. Adorned with a custom-made large sectional that fits the majority of our team, it is rounded out with some cozy Four Hands lounge chairs and chic bar stools by the counter. This is another area where we can host office wide gatherings and also our Monday morning staff meetings are held here. It’s not unusual to walk back to our lounge on a Friday after work and find some of the team gathering with a glass of wine. It may sound corny but it’s true that we not only work together but we also enjoy spending time together. Throughout the construction of this office we wanted to ensure that while there was ample office space and room for creativity there also needed to be a place for us to congregate for fellowship and fun!

We hope you enjoyed this peek behind the curtain into the Barbour Spangle Design design studio! This is our home, we poured our heart and soul into designing this space and we like think that it shines through. We love to host our clients here so they can get a glimpse of how a simple vision can come to fruition and result in a beautiful office space where we love to be!

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