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The Wonders of White Paint

You may think white paint is boring or so shockingly stark you would never be brave enough to choose it for your home aesthetic. However white is one of the most versatile colors for walls. And no one is better at making white walls original and chic than our team designers! If you were to ask the BSD team for a white paint recommendation, chances are, they’ll immediately respond with Sherwin Williams Pure White. Don’t let the name fool you, Pure White isn’t a true white. This paint has a touch of warmth, making everything feel cozy, without looking too much like cream.

I’m going to get technical for a minute - Pure White has an LRV (light reflective value) of 84, so it’s a soft white - not blindingly bright but also not creamy. It falls right into that ideal middle ground so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to commit to overly minimalistic white walls.

We’ve used it in a variety of projects from a children’s boutique and a wedding venue, plus it’s our go-to white for residential projects. Clients love this color choice. It’s easy to build around and accessorize without worrying about clashing.


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