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Project Reveal: Culp Innovation Center

When Culp chose Congdon Yards for their Innovation Center, we knew marrying their rich past and bold future would drive our design concept.

Congdon Yards is known as the new hub for entrepreneurship, commerce, and craftsmanship in High Point. For generations Culp has lived these principles, too, as a three-generation family of visionaries, growing into a family of brands, and becoming leaders in technology and innovation. With a bold vision in mind, their new Innovation show space is home to collaboration, where one can come to experience, engage, and explore the Culp brands individually and collectively.


Historic features, original to the building, married with the modern glass wall partitions strike the perfect balance. The light and neutral palette, accented by natural textures and wood tones for warmth. The high ceilings showcase the displays of large cutting of fabric. The resulting space creates a canvas for Culp’s fun culture while remaining modern and timeless.


We produced a floor plan which hits all the marks—impressive millwork to display the tangible and intangible innovations and technologies in production, floor space to support large gatherings, ample break out and meeting spaces to support different modes of work, and an amazing café in which to host guests while overlooking Downtown High Point.

Natural daylight evenly distributed throughout the space, paired with light fixtures that support user control and a high color rendering index.

Culp’s products are woven into different aspects of the design, featuring upholstery collections on the furniture, striking mattress fabrics in the banquettes, and solar shades for added privacy in the showrooms.


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