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6 Tips For Accessorizing Your Home from our Showroom Team

The designers on our showroom team are masters of merchandising a space to sell products, but their golden rules of styling apply to any space.

01. The bigger the better.

This applies to everything from rugs to art. That small rug may be tempting, but it’s actually making your space look smaller. Fill that space and go big! If a lamp comes in multiple sizes, always opt for the largest.

02. Hang art at eye level.

The center of your artwork should match an average eye level (60 inches from center to the floor). If hanging above furniture, aim for 3” above that piece.

03. “Kiss” your accessories.

Don’t leave too much space between accessories. By kissing your accessories, it looks intentional and layered, rather than a random assortment of objects sitting on the same surface.

04. When accessorizing, remember the rule of 3s.

So much of interior design is about balance, but when it comes to accessories this golden rule creates more visual interest. When we say 3, we’re really emphasizing the use of odd numbers, so group things in 3s, 5s, etc. But don’t forget to choose varying heights.

05. You don’t have to splurge on art.

A simple google search will give you a plethora of adorable yet affordable pieces. We love getting art prints from Etsy and hanging them in a nice frame - and always go for a glass insert over plexiglass.

06. Placing your lamps according to your headboard.

When the headboard is tall, lamps on the inside of the nightstand create a visual step down. The opposite applies for short. Place those on the outside of the nightstand to elongate the site line.


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