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3 Tailored Fall Color Palettes to Revamp Your Autumn Aesthetic

Ever wonder how to make your fall decor unique? Recently, a client asked us for autumn decor recommendations that complement their style. And while we love the traditional fall colors, they don't always suit every home or style.

This inspired Kate, our lead residential designer, to curate a series of fall color palettes from Sherwin Williams paint colors, materials and other elements. From various aesthetics, Kate tailored each fall palette to complement the season while keeping existing colors in mind.

Along with each palette, she gives her recommendations for shoppable decor to incorporate into your home this season.



Embracing the browns we are seeing in current trends, this neutral and natural fall color palette weaves together the earthy warmth of various shades of brown with soft and light hardwoods, bronze greens and hues of white.

This blend evokes a feeling of comfort, making your space feel cozy. The introduction of Calacatta Viola marble infuses an elegant touch, enhancing the palette's versatility and refinement. The result is a fall-inspired interior that captures the essence of the season while remaining timeless in its appeal.

Image showcasing a neutral and natural fall color palette with various shades of brown, soft hardwoods, bronze greens, and white hues. Calacatta Viola marble accents add elegance to the cozy and versatile interior design.



This bold and glam palette pushes the boundaries of the traditional autumn aesthetic. Pops of chartreuse and the contrasting black, and white inject energy into your space. A moody blue, combined with a darker greige, adds depth and sophistication, while a hint of merlot and blush tan softens the palette, creating a harmonious balance.

Marble with inlay brass details brings a touch of timeless elegance. Black and white checkered board tiles make a bold statement, marrying classic charm with a contemporary twist. This fall-inspired palette promises a captivating and unforgettable interior that exudes glamour and flair.

Image showcasing a bold and glam fall color palette with chartreuse, black, white, moody blue, darker greige, merlot, and blush tan accents. Marble with inlay brass details and black and white checkered board tiles create an elegant and contemporary interior with a touch of timeless glamour.



Simplicity meets sophistication with this classic and timeless fall color palette. The refined composition artfully combines tones of white and an airy greige to create a canvas for a timeless space. A gray-green with a cool cyan undertone adds a touch of freshness, while the historic billiard green add a sense of tradition and nostalgia.

A classic French gray and black provide depth and contrast, lending balance to the color story. To elevate the classic ambiance, calacatta gold marble and polished nickel add understated elegance. Walnut wood tones add warmth and texture, grounding the space.

Image showcasing a classic and timeless fall color palette featuring white, greige, gray-green, historic billiard green, French gray, black, calacatta gold marble, polished nickel, and walnut wood tones. This elegant composition combines tradition and freshness, balancing depth and contrast for a timeless and textured interior.


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