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From The Archives: The Vision Beach Project

As a design firm, we are always working on amazing projects, and we are immensely grateful that we have been able to create spaces that are tailor-made for our clients. With our new website comes this new blog—a place to dive deeper into the details and tell you the story of a project coming to life. We’re calling this series “From the Archives.” Join us as we take a stroll down a design memory lane. Enjoy taking a more in-depth look at this stunning coastal project…


Can you smell the ocean air coming through the gauzy curtains as the perfect island wake-up call? How about the sound of soft waves crashing against the shore as you gaze out at the clear turquoise waters? Can you feel the warmth of a pool-side fire pit on a beautiful night in Turks & Caicos? Talk about a dream vacation that excites all five senses!

Design is all about creating an experience - from the coziness of your home to a luxe island short-term vacation rental - and this project was no different. When we sat down with the homeowner to discuss the vision, they requested a coastal retreat with soul, some history, and global inspiration. To describe it in a phrase: for this new build, give a lived-in and collected feel to this new home away from home. The home is aptly named "Vision Beach." And "vision" was woven into every design choice and selection, including the use of reclaimed wood for the flooring and antique furniture pieces to add character and history to the space.

Our journey began with our collaborative proven design process, the Mirror Method. This approach involved working closely with the homeowner to understand not only their lifestyle, inspiration, and preferences but also the aesthetics, amenities, and comforts that would appeal to prospective vacationers. The homeowner's love for entertaining and the need for a home that could comfortably accommodate 10-14 guests were key considerations. With an ocean-front location, we were keen to maximize the breathtaking view of Grace Bay. The homeowner's fondness for sea glass was an element we incorporated into the design to beautifully complement the turquoise water views.


The entrance sets a tone, and we wanted that tone to build anticipation and excitement while presenting an invitation to relax and feel at home for the stay. Guests arrive by driving up a long, meandering driveway that blocks the view of the house until they turn the corner, helping build anticipation and excitement. A stunning teak pergola covers the walkway leading up to custom-made glass doors at the front of the home. The entire walkway is flanked by a black reflection pool, which creates an air of mystery but also serenity.


The living room is adorned in coastal colors such as sandy beiges, driftwood grey, and bleached shell white. The furniture is low profile so as to not distract from the view, but the expansive couch allows plenty of room for guests to gather. The décor displays our clients’ fondness for traveling and global inspiration. There are Asian influences, sculpted figurines, and vintage repurposed pieces all throughout the space. Several petrified stumps of driftwood are grouped together to create an organic coffee table. The kitchen is an open concept and has an airy feel to it. A custom dining table extends from the kitchen island and is the perfect place for loved ones to play cards and socialize after finishing a meal. Above the dining table are four gorgeous pendants from the Philippines. They are made of beautiful blue-green glass, which mimics the appearance of sea glass. Our team worked hand in hand with the construction company to create ceiling-to-counter windows, providing a clear and unobstructed view of the jaw-dropping scenery that our clients wanted to showcase.


Knowing our client’s passion for entertaining, an outdoor kitchen is seamlessly connected to the indoor kitchen. A beautiful slate-gray bar stretches a full 12 feet to accommodate a large crowd, with a quartz backsplash and flat-screen television sitting proudly behind the bar! Just beyond the bar is a sunken fire pit surrounded by pillows and comfy seats. This provides the ideal spot to warm up on those chillier nights when you’re up late chatting with guests, and going inside is just not an option. The infinity pool appears as if it stretches out all the way to the ocean and boasts partially submerged lounge chairs so you can keep your cool while sunbathing. The perimeter of the pool is dotted with many other lounge choices, which extend to a full sun deck at the beach’s edge, guaranteeing maximum relaxation is never more than a few steps away! 

Our design process centers on meaning, connection, and collaboration. Our signature style is not a recognizable and repeatable aesthetic but rather an elevated and authentic reflection of each client’s deeply personal vision. It was our honor to translate the vision behind Vision Beach into a tangible reality. We’d love to do the same for you. Contact us, and let’s talk about your vision.


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