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Every space we create is informed by our work across diverse design channels. Each one is built on and for connection and creativity.

Our work in residential design translates to commercial spaces that are more experiential, compelling, and intentional.  By the same token, our work in productivity-driven realms inspires homes that are more functional, enduring, and dynamic. 

Our Services


We specialize in a holistic approach that is ideal for extensive renovations and new construction projects. The homes we design are characterized by our functionality-forward philosophy, where thoughtful livability and enduring character don’t just coexist—but instead, enhance the other.


Commercial spaces require a delicate balance of practicality and purpose. Our team is adept at designing spaces for brands, institutions, and communities that feel like an organic extension of the organization’s values–attracting and retaining talent, driving awareness, and establishing messaging.


We work closely with retailers to design showrooms that showcase their products in strategic and innovative ways. Backed by decades of experience and a team of experts, we create immersive stories that captivate and convert.

Mixed Use

Our interdisciplinary services lend themselves effortlessly to mixed use projects like multi-family units, senior living environments, and short-term vacation rentals. We provide resources and solutions as we design environments that carry a cohesive narrative yet are tailored to specific audiences and uses.

Phase One: Design Development

We lead with relationships first. Because our work spans a wide range of project sizes, types, and styles, it is essential to begin the process with a deep understanding of our client’s core values and motivations. We reference these as we develop initial concepts and a comprehensive narrative that will guide your project.

The Mirror Method

We are first and foremost storytellers, and design is our chosen medium. Our work centers our clients’ visions and reflects their mission.  

Phase Two: Documentation

During the next phase, our plans become more tangible as we finalize selections and begin our collaboration with architects, contractors, tradespeople, and consultants. Behind the scenes, we will be pulling tearsheets and creating renderings, schedules, and documentation, while keeping you informed at every step.

Phase Three: Project Execution & Procurement

We spend this phase working closely with all other involved parties to ensure that our shared vision is executed within the financial and budgetary parameters set by our clients. This requires constant communication, frequent meetings, and regular site visits to keep things moving toward the best outcome.

Phase Four: Installation

Once construction is complete and punch lists have been made, we oversee the installation and final styling of furnishings and accessories by the warehouse team and vendors. We take care of every detail, from inspecting ordered items to following up on any needed repairs. When all elements are in place, we have the honor of handing it off to our client to enjoy for years to come.

We would love to be your partner in bringing your vision to life.

Please fill out our inquiry form thoroughly and a member of our team will reach out soon with next steps.

Full Service Interior Design Studio in High Point North Carolina
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