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9 Must-Have Coffee Table Books for Every Design Lover

Coffee table books aren't just for reading, they make great decor.⁠

We love to stack, sort, and curate them to tell a design story and start a conversation! Just like the beloved throw pillow, coffee table books provide you with endless possibilities for creativity. These make excellent housewarming gifts and are thought-provoking conversation starters! Here is our fail-proof list of coffee table books that will show off to your guests that you're cultured, worldly, and well-read!

You can’t go wrong with a book filled with inspiring stories and encouraging advice from 100 hard-working women! We guarantee that you AND your house guests will be picking this one up to flip through.

This book celebrates a century of publishing for Architectural Digests and presents the crème de la crème of famous figures and their breathtaking homes. It is full of spectacular pictures, and the cover is a gorgeous shade of cream that will complement any interior space.

Obviously, we’re big fans of all things design, but we’re also big animal lovers. We adore this book that combines two of our favorite things! It was so unique to see designers in their own spaces and showcase their furry friends, too!

Feed your Wanderlust with this engrossing travel book. On a day when you’re looking to escape, pick up this read and flip through the jaw-dropping photographs and new locations. Then start booking plane tickets!

This one is for all our outdoor lovers! Explore 50 of the World’s most extraordinary parks and all those who frequent them. There is bound to be something for everyone among the pages of this one! 

As a company based in the South, we’re a little biased towards this book, but it's a fun, inventive book that will teach you the ABCs of the South!

 It’s only fair that we’ve talked about dogs, but we also need to mention our cat friends! See these fancy felines in their inspirational interiors. We would live nine lives in these spaces.

This is a collection of previously unpublished photos by the legendary Annie Leibovitz. It is an unfiltered peek at celebrities from one of the greatest photographers of our time! As an added bonus, this book is showcased in an elegant and beautiful slipcase cover.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but what about a record? This book honors 1,000 of the most Iconic Record covers and is sure to evoke some nostalgia. Take a look and see if your favorite is mentioned!


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