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The Bienenstock Furniture Library Interior Design Competition

Since 2013, Barbour Spangle Design has been a proud partner of this annual competition for interior design students. As a sign of our commitment to the future of design, we contribute $7,500 annually to be distributed to the competition’s winners. In addition to our financial support, Christi Barbour and Christi Spangle both act as mentors for the students as they prepare for a career in design.

Charitable by Design

At Barbour Spangle, we believe that design has the power to impact communities in meaningful ways. In addition to the causes we support regularly, we also offer discounted services for non-profit organizations and community projects.

High Point Discovered

High Point Discovered is a non-profit founded by Christi Barbour, dedicated to bolstering the community and elevating small businesses. It began as an Instagram account and blog that highlighted all High Point had to offer residents and visitors and has since evolved into a 501c3 with two employees and a board of eight. Most recently, HPD published a magazine that features stories of local businesses and community members.

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